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Summer at the farm New Day, New look

Updated: Sep 24, 2018

Yes, believe it or not, even in our fast paced world of technology, even the big dogs can fail when it comes to server crashes and back ups. My provider contacted me on the 21st of June with the terrifying news that their server crashed and our content is irretrievable. WHAT??? I know, I was sick. But in all of this, I have decided that it was time for a change and a new look.

“A new day, a new look.” Digging deep to find fun stuff that I have in my archives to share with you. Do you have a fun look you are going for, for your event or wedding day? Liking the traditional look, but want your own spin on it? We can help. Carrie & Chad had an outdoor barn wedding at the Historic Hope Glen Farm in Cottage Grove, MN. If you are ever in the area, you should come check it out.

Carrie & Chad's big day

These two were a dream to work with and Carrie's mom was the BEST! From the very first consult with these two, I knew this would be a wedding day for the history books. Here are a few pics of their day.

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