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Wow.....what a year

I didn't realize that it has been over a year since I posted last. Well, I can honestly say that in the 30 years of being in business, this has been the busiest and craziest, by far! After this weekend things wind down a little bit, but we really do not get much of a break until February. Covid sure did a number on the wedding industry last year, but you would never know by the bookings this year. Currently at 100 and a few more to add to get us into Jan. I am so grateful for my talented team, as I would have never been able to do the weddings that we did without them!! I am truly, truly blessed. In the next couple of weeks, I will be highlighting my team and their rolls at TCG and let you all know of the fun things we have in store for next year. We are amping up our rentals to include more fun, versatile backdrops, cool lighting, and many more furniture pieces, bouquet preservation and lots more. Watch for our IG and FB posts and I promise, I will try to keep blogging more!!

Here are some fun photos of a few of the wonderful weddings we had the honor of working with this year. Can't wait for more fun pics to trickle in. If you know of anyone getting married and are in need of a florist, have them get in touch soon. We are booking up like crazy for next year!!!

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