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Endless Summer

This was one of those weddings that I will remember for ever. I fell in love with Kyle and Lauren at our first consultation almost a year out from their weddings. They knew what they wanted and had an amazing vision for the flowers.

Wedding Day: Hope Glen Farm in Cottage Grove, MN was the perfect venue for this wedding. Lots of open spaces and beautiful backdrops for their big day. It was very hot and I was super concerned about the hydrangeas holding up for the whole day. I had to make sure everything had a water source and tried to keep everything cold leading up to set up time. The end result was STUNNING. We used 500+ blossoms of Endless Summer hydrangeas from a local grower and we literally had placed them everywhere. The aisle was lined with potted hydrangeas, the arch was elegantly decorated with 100's of hydrangeas, garden roses, and lots and lots of mixed greens. The tables at the reception were adorned with one large centerpiece in the middle of the table. This wedding sure was a show stopper. I had lots and lots of phone calls after this one. Thanks Kyle and Lauren for allowing me to be a part of your day!!

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