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A time to catch up

On this cold, damp, snowy/sleety day, I am reminded that that earth is starting to hibernate and replenish itself, I am feeling the same. After a very busy summer/fall wedding season, the photos start to pile up and the paperwork starts to get filed. I love these days that keep me inside and find time to look at the photos of my work and reflect back on these wonderful couples day.

I love sorting and making files of the photos that I receive back and remember all

the hard work and planning that went into each and every wedding. From the first consultation to the tear down of the wedding that night, each couple has their very own story and we were a small part in that.

Here is a beautiful wedding from Alexa and Sean's wedding at the Semple Mansion in Minneapolis from May 25th of this past year. Nicole from Season's of Dreams was the planner who referred me to this fun couple, and graciously passed along this video. Enjoy!!

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