A-Frame Backdrop
$175 Comes in three separate pieces to use in multiple set ups
Sitting Pretty
Perfect to add to your Head Table!
Dimensions: 7 feet High by 24 Feet long.
Recycled Wood Wall
Can be made into 8 foot, 12 foot, and 16 foot sections.
Inquire for more details
Pricing subject to change depending on size as well as set up and delivery
Moon Arch
Our fun moon arch is a showstopper. Comes apart in three pieces for easy transport. Adorn with greenery and flowers or leave plain. The ornate metal art is pretty all by itself.
copper arch
This fun arch comes with or without white fabric. Copper frame is 10' wide by 8' tall. Makes for the perfect backdrop for any occasion. Comes apart in three pieces for easy transportation. Add greenery and flowers and voila! BEAUTIFUL
Copper Hoops
Our copper hoops (7 total) come in different sizes varying from 4' to 12" inches diameter. Installations are endless. Adorn with greenery or flowers to make for an exceptional backdrop.
Inquire for details
Pricing to change depending on number of hoops as well as sizes.
Glass Cylinders
Pillar Candles Included

The Cutting Garden carries 100's of candles in their inventory. Ivory wax candles in 12", 9" and 6" cylinder glass vases. Small votives as shown for purchase.
Laurent Urn
Make a statement with these beautiful urns. This can instantly turn heads whether there is a simple arrangement sitting on top or whether the arrangement is cascading down the sides!
Dimensions: 19" H x 11.5" W
Mercury Gold Footed Container
We've added these to our collection and what a show stopper. Perfect to glam up your table top.
(Container to the right is in our current collection)
Rose Gold Container
These fun little rosegold containers are 5.25" high and 4.5" wide. Makes a fun little centerpiece for your tables. Accent with votives and you are good to go!
Inquire for more details
Gold Petal Vase
Great size for a small to medium bouquet.
Inquire for more details
The Cutting Garden has lots of glassware options for rent. Just inquire about what you are looking. We have too many to list and our inventory is ever changing.
Pricing subject to change depending on sizing ($2-10).
Inquire for more details
These whimsical vessels are great for that simplistic look with just a plume of greenery and a simple blossom. We have tall, and small. Several others, not shown
Pricing subject to change depending on sizing ($2-4).
Inquire for more details
Footed Glass Hurricanes
Rented out by threes
Perfect for a pillar or floating candle to accent your guest tables. Finish off with a touch of greens and you're good to go!
Adelia Vase
Handblown Glass
Hourglass Shape
36 inches tall
Inquire for more details
Emily Vase
Handblown Glass
36 Inches tall
Inquire for more details
Recycled Glass Large Jug
$20 each
total of 6
Industrial Vase
These gorgeous metal vases stand 28" tall and are 11" wide at the top. Perfect for a towering floral arrangement on your tables.
Monet Glass Vase
These gorgeous vases are fun with floral in, on or a simple floating candle makes a stunning table centerpiece. Add a simple greenery touch to the base and Voila!
Pricing subject to change depending on sizing
Inquire for more details
Behold Vase
These beautiful bronze vases stand 25.5" tall and have 7.25" opening. Perfect for making that statement with floral at your event.
Clear Acrylic Stands
These fun stands are sturdy and hold a nice size arrangement to make one GORGEOUS display.
Priced Individually
Inquire for more details
Towering Stands
These fun stands are sturdy and hold a nice size arrangement to make one GORGEOUS display at your head table or on each guest table.
Comes in a Black matte finish or Gold finish.
Currently only in the 8 x 29.5"
Priced Individually
Barnboard Columns
These fun barn-board columns come in two's in the following sizes:
11 x 31
13 x 39
13 x 47
17 x 60
All priced individually
Inquire for more details.
Gold Rectangle Lanterns
$10 each
3 Tall
3 short
Sonata Basket
These fun iron woven baskets with glass liners are great for both hanging or standing. Perfect for flowers or candles.
6" tall and 5" wide
Inquire for more details
Square Glass Lantern
These beautiful square, glass lanterns are limitless.
15-1/4" x 8 x 8
Has handle.
Inquire for more details
Bronze Lantern
These fun lanterns are perfect for your table centers. Has a glass door that opens for inserting a candle or a floral arrangement.
9-1/2 " tall
Matte Black Lantern
These beautiful lanterns are very versatile to use in your decor. Measuring 16" tall with a glass door that opens. Perfect for a pillar candle or a pretty flower arrangement spilling out
Glass Pilsner Vase
These glass pilsner vases are 15" tall and support a gorgeous arrangement on top
Mercury Gold Pilsner Vase
32 Inches Tall
Serious Showpiece!
4 - Light Chandelier
Inquire for more details.
6-Light Chandelier
Inquire for more details.
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Recycled Glass Large Jug

$20 each total of 6